Lucknow is said to be blessed because of its mouth-watering delicacies and is considered as foodies’ paradise. The place is famous for its Awadhi cultured cuisine, offering a large variety of options to satisfy your hunger in a Nawabi atmosphere making you feel a Nawab none the less.

No matter if you are a lover of veg or non-veg dishes, Lucknow can be nothing less than a treat for you. From heart melting‘Kachaudi to CholeBhature, delicious ‘Nehari to Kebabs’, the city of Lucknow has everything that you can imagine of. If you are thinking that only some of the famous and expensive restaurant can satisfy you, you will surely rethink after hitting and trying even the local street food that can tempt your taste buds anytime.

As we all know, ‘Winter is Coming!’, and it’s time for you to move out with your friends and family to try out these enchanting snacks in Lucknow if you haven’t tried them yet! Here is our Top 5 list which you must try this winter if you are in Lucknow.


Kashmiri Chai

What’s better than chai!? Chai is something Indians are very fond of, doesn’t matter the time and place, chai gets every one of us going and what could possibly be better than Pinkish Chai with flavors of Nuts and essence of heaven? Yes – it’s nothing but the Kashmiri Chai. You can visit Chowk and Akbarigate at a time of your own choice to taste this extremely soul-satisfying tea and we can promise you won’t regret!


kashmiri chai


Malayi Makkhan

Second in our list is MalayiMakkhan, a foamy textured milk based sweet dish with toppings of dry fruits. It’s like a meditating sweet dish as you can easily feel your soul relaxing the moment you put a bite of MalayiMakkhan in your mouth. It’s a specialized dish of Lucknow which you would hardly find anywhere else during winters and that’s what makes it a must try sweet dish. You can visit local shops at GolDarwaza, Chowk as early as 4 o’ clock in the morning to taste this delicacy.


Malayi Makhan



Shahi Tukda

You must have heard of ShahiTukda if you ever have been to Lucknow. ShahiTukda is an another sweet dish with a rich and 150 years old legacy and is considered as the sweet dish of the kings! It’s a dish which is made out by frying a bread, coating with a bit of syrup and then layering it with ‘Malayi’, and toppings of saffron and dry fruits. Again, you will have to visit places of old Lucknow like Aminabad, Nakhas, Chowk and Akbarigate to feel like a royal king.


shahi tukra



Anarse ki Goliyan

Next in our list is AnarsekiGoliyan, which are nothing but rice flour balls fried in ghee and adorned with the tantalizing sesame seeds. These AnarsekiGoliyan are a treat to enjoy specially when its chilling outside and a cup of tea along with it will add extra flavors to it to make your day. Nakhas is one such area in Lucknow where you will find plenty of local shops making these little balls of happiness to serve you the Nawabian delight.


anarse ki goli




Last but not the least in our list is Phirni! If you have started feeling a bit of cold while trying the other four dishes that we have mentioned!, don’t worry we have got something warm to comfort you. Phirni is a pudding made out of rice paste, and then mixing it with cardamom or ‘elaichi powder’ as we call it and then garnished with all sorts of dry fruits. It is served hot in hand made small ‘handis’, an earthen pot, to remind you of the Nawabi era and Awadhi culture. You can visit Nishatganj, Hazratganj and Husainabad to taste Phirni.




So, we have listed here 5 small-hunger based delicacies of Lucknow for you to enjoy this winter. There are a number of other snacks and dishes as well that you can always look for when you are in the City of Nawabs’ and Lucknow never disappoints you! Share your feedback and let us know whats your top 5 this winter!


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